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St. Stephen's is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Founded in 1898, our parish has a long and varied history. 

Currently, we are in a re-tooling or rebuilding phase.  Our congregation is small, but is committed to establishing a wider presence in our community through our main objectives, faith and focus. Welcoming and inclusive to all is our path forward. Our congregation believes in action rather than rhetoric. There is much more for us to do as we continue to embark on new ministries and relationships.

Come, see and join us.

The Whitehall food pantry is a self-sustaining ministry of St. Stephens, which in collaboration with local Whitehall area churches has been serving the needs of our communities thanks to the generosity of community and individual donations of both food and cash.  Food supplied from an area food bank, combined with the commitment of our volunteers, whom without we would not be able to do this good work continues to serve an increasing number of families and individuals in need each year. 

Our parochial school, St. Stephens Episcopal School, opened its doors in 1975, and continues to enroll children in pre-K through Kindergarten classes. The school provides an environment for children to develop a positive self-image, love of learning and the grasp of traditional Christian values. The school is considered "best in class" in the area. We have enrolled 110 children, ages three through five for the school year 2023-2024.


Want to know more?  Come and see!

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